Add Hospital Pvt Ltd

Junus Patna, College Square
Cuttack, Odisha- 753003
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Add Hospital Pvt Ltd is one of a leading hospital in Cuttack, Odisha. It is situated at Junus Patna, College Square, Cuttack. Add Hospital Pvt Ltd provide services to insured patients (who have health insurance) as well as those patients who are paying for their own treatment.
The Hospital provides their 100% efforts to treat patients. They also monitor consumer satisfaction with regard to clinical care such as the approach of the doctor, examination, education on taking medication, availability of services, waiting time, and cost provided in the outpatient department.

Hospital Profile:
Add Hospital Pvt Ltd speciality, medicine disciple, address, contact phone number and mobile number are as mentioned below. Patients can directly walkin to the hospital or can call on the below given phone number for appointment.
Address:Junus Patna, College Square , Cuttack
City: Cuttack
State: Odisha - 753003
Fax Number:0671 2549730

Address on Map (With Directions):
Patients can locate Add Hospital Pvt Ltd on map below and can follow directions to reach the hospital.

Patients can reach Add Hospital Pvt Ltd at Junus Patna, College Square, Cuttack, Odisha.

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